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Student Resources

Media Center

The Media Center is open to students before school

Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

Please ask your child to listen to announcements as the Media Center is occasionally closed in the morning. Students must stay until the 8:00 a.m. bell rings.  The only time students are allowed to leave the Media Center is to go to the cafeteria for breakfast and they must do that before 7:45 a.m.  Students must come prepared to do their work/project in the morning as they are not allowed to go to their lockers when they enter the building, they must go directly to the Media Center. 

Make a Difference Award

The “Make a Difference” Award is given on an annual basis to individuals who
have made a significant positive impact on the educational experience of a special
needs student. The nominee must be presently employed by a school district
within Macomb County or the MISD. As parents, we feel that it is important to
recognize these people who have had a positive effect on the lives of our children.


You may nominate a teacher, paraprofessional, support personnel (OT, PT, social
worker, psychologist, speech pathologist) or any school personnel who is
involved in your child’s education.




Jeannette Academic Assistance Program

What?       FREE Tutoring for all JJH students

Where?     Media Center 

When?      Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:10-4:00 p.m.                       (All Grades)

Why?        Tutoring is offered for any student who may need additional support with all assignments and/or homework.  Please bring any work necessary with you along with a pencil and paper!

Who?        Jeannette Teachers and UAIS/IB Students

*****All students must have a permission slip on file to attend tutoring.

Click HERE for permission slip.





Junior High School Parent and Student Handbook

Please be sure to review it's contents carefully to insure a successful year at Jeannette.  Appropriate dress and grooming helps create an atmosphere conducive to learning and foster student success. As in the past, we will follow the approved dress code printed in the handbook.


Quick Reference Guides

Math Resources Student Access

Math Textbook Online

Using Online Textbook

Math Texbook Support Site
Homework Video Tutors, Quizzes, Vocabulary

Math 7 Gizzi


Web Codes for Math Classes

Math Class
Web Code
Math 7 ABK-0099
Math 8 ACK-0099
Geometry AFK-0099
Algebra 1 AEK-0099


Physical Science 7

User Name: tekely
Password: jeannette


Environmental Science 8

Biology 1

French students can visit to review and/or practice their French! Directions: Click on World Languages, French, and Discovering French Bleu Nouveau!

There are on-line review lesson and unit quizzes that can be used to study for tests!

Each year, the English Department shows the 7th graders how to use the computers in the building.  They also give the 7th graders a tour of the Media Center to show them how to find a book, check out a book, and use the resources available to them.


9th Grade English Textbook-

Holt-McDougall Online Textbook site - Click HERE

Patriot Non-Negotiables

English Non-Negotiables

Math Non-Negotiables

Science Non-Negotiables

Career Cruising

Gale Group


Michigan Electronic Library (MEL)

SIRS Discoverer

World Book

United Streaming


Sterling Heights Public Library

Shelby Township Library

City of Utica Library

Clinton-Macomb Public Library

Macomb County Library